Masterwood Profile

Masterwood has been actively present in the field of special wooden constructions and furniture since 1975. The company specializes in the construction and renovation of business and private spaces such as stores, hotels and private homes by applying new trends in order to ideally combine functionality with aesthetics, as well as detail in design with discreet luxury. The entire Masterwood production process is certified by ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems).

The company’s success up until the present day has been based on a simple but nonetheless strict philosophy: to offer good quality products in the right time and place, as well as in the right way! The careful choice of materials plays a dominant role for Masterwood manufacturers. Materials are chosen according to their excellent quality and long life, as well as the attention to detail and a sense of good taste. A large variety of materials includes Formica veneer, a combination of natural materials, for example solid wood with complex innovatory and impressive features such as Inox (stainless steel), glass, Plexiglas, etc.

Masterwood’s standard manufacturing and production criterions include comfort and stability in construction, properties, which are timeless. Moreover, Masterwood pays additional attention to the design and choice of materials always being in accordance and alliance with the interior designer’s ideas and tendencies, as well as the interior space’s overall image.

However, the most important element for Masterwood is the utmost customer satisfaction and making sure that all requirements for an ideal aesthetic quality are met, so that even the most demanding customer needs shall be fulfilled.

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